Analytical/Physical/Chemistry Education Lunch Meetings

Parsons W131
12:10 - 1 pm

Date Presenter, Title
Feb 27

Sebastian Pantovich,Observing Singlet Fission and Interfacial Electron Transfer in Organic Semiconductors using Non-Linear Spectroscopic Techniques

Mar 6 Tyler Galpin, Turbulence Effects on Beam Propogation
Mar 20

Tom Fenton, Investigation of Bipyridine Linkages and its Effect on Re CO2 Reduction Catalysis

Luke Fulton, Method Validation: Determing Particle Size Through Second Order Scattering

Mar 27 Anthony Timberman, Recent Applications of Micro-FTIR Imaging
Apr 3

Chris DiBona, The Purification of Synthesized Xanthommatin

Sean Dinneen, The Optical Measurement of Squid Pigment Aerosols

Apr 10

Bimal Parahuli, Role of Dye-doped Nanoparticles in Development of Ratiometric Fluorescent Indicators

Apr 17

Rene Buell, TBA

Apr 24

Alicia Gizzi, Further Methods for the Analyses of Maple Sap

Jill Morang, Water Uptake by Dry-generated Clay Aerosol

May 1

Cynthia Gerber, Polymers as Particles: Synthesis of Single-Chain Nanoparticles and Isolation and Characterization of Microplastics

Brent Lawson, Dicarboxylic Acid Shell on an Inert Aerosol Core:  A Variable Controlled Hygroscopicity Investigation with Unexpected Results

May 8 Robert Biro, TBA

Updated 3/30/17