Analytical/Physical/Chemistry Education Lunch Meetings

Parsons W131
12:10 - 1 pm

Date Presenter, Title
Feb 27

Sebastian Pantovich,Observing Singlet Fission and Interfacial Electron Transfer in Organic Semiconductors using Non-Linear Spectroscopic Techniques

Mar 6 Tyler Galpin, Turbulence Effects on Beam Propogation
Mar 20

Tom Fenton, Investigation of Bipyridine Linkages and its Effect on Re CO2 Reduction Catalysis

Luke Fulton, Method Validation: Determing Particle Size Through Second Order Scattering

Mar 27 Anthony Timberman, Recent Applications of Micro-FTIR Imaging
Apr 3

Chris DiBona, The Purification of Synthesized Xanthommatin

Sean Dinneen, The Optical Measurement of Squid Pigment Aerosols

Apr 10

Bimal Parahuli, Role of Dye-doped Nanoparticles in Development of Ratiometric Fluorescent Indicators

Apr 17

Rene Buell, Emerging evidence from meta-analysis for expertise reversal effects in general chemistry students

Apr 24

Alicia Gizzi, Further Methods for the Analyses of Maple Sap

Jill Morang, Water Uptake by Dry-generated Clay Aerosol

May 1

Cynthia Gerber, Polymers as Particles: Synthesis of Single-Chain Nanoparticles and Isolation and Characterization of Microplastics

Brent Lawson, Dicarboxylic Acid Shell on an Inert Aerosol Core:  A Variable Controlled Hygroscopicity Investigation with Unexpected Results

May 8 Robert Biro, Decoupling Network Contributions to Glass Transition Temperature via Thermally Induced Post-Polymerization Crosslinking

Updated 4/10/17