Organic/Inorganic Lunch Talks

Parsons N116
12:10 - 1 pm

Date Presenter, Title
Feb 17

Sharon Song, Synthetic Applications of Cationic Rearrangements and Cyclizations

Brian Patenaude, Artificial Hydrogenase Enzyme based on biotin-Avidin interaction

Feb 24

Jonathan Fifer, A look into the activity of rapamycin with oxacillin in MRSA and the synthesis of Aza-β-lactam derivatives

Charles Ayotte, Investigating Black Phosphorus Quantum Dots for Their Use in Hybrid Photo-Catalytic Systems

Mar 3

Jarec Rondeau, CO2 Utilization via Nickel Based Catalysts

Ruiwen Chen, Single-chain Nanoparticle Collapse of Poly(norbornene imide) via Intra-chain Radical Polymerization

Mar 10

Marie-Josiane Ohoueu, A Race Against Microbial Resistance: Development of Clavulanic Acid Analogues Targeting Metallo-Beta Lactamases

Carter Holt, On the Road to Triangulene

Mar 17

Reading Week

Mar 24

William Butler, The Synthesis of Boronate Carbapenem Analogues To Serve as Beta-Lactamase Inhibitors

Ethan Jarvis, Synthesis of Bisarylboron Containing N-Heterocyclic Carbene Ligands

Mar 31

Elizabeth Bright, Single-Chain Nanoparticles via Atom Transfer Radical Coupling: A Systematic Approach

Zane Relethford, Characterizing Contributions of Clamshell Complex Components

Apr 7

Mahmoud Abdalrahman, TBA

Apr 14

Jennifer Chouinard, TBA

Madison Dombrowski, TBA

Apr 21

Bryanna Dowcett, TBA

Graham Beaton, TBA

Apr 28 Rob Biro, TBA



Updated 3/29/17