Portrait of Erik Berda

Berda, Erik 

  • Design and synthesis of shape persistent polymeric nanostructures
  • Self-assembly of polymeric nanoparticle building blocks into nano, meso, and micro scale architectures
  • Functional polymeric materials for advanced applications


Portrait of Olof Echt

Echt, Olof 

  • Pulsed-laser deposition of thin films
  • Electron attachment to molecules and clusters
  • Optical spectroscopy of atomic clusters
  • Photophysics of fullerenes
  • Ion-molecule reactions  
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Portrait of Barry Fussell

Fussell, Barry 

  • Smart machining systems
  • Cutting force modeling
  • Tool condition monitoring
  • Chatter detection and control
  • Wireless sensors
  • Process control
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Portrait of Todd Gross

Gross, Todd 

  • Mechanical behavior of materials
  • Behavior of material systems
  • Scanning probe microscopy
  • Nanoindentation
  • Sensors for machining
  • Mechanical behavior of composites

Portrait of Shawna Hollen

Hollen, Shawna  

  • Scanning tunneling microscopy and atomic force microscopy of surfaces (15K - 400C)
  • Ultra-high vacuum probe station for transport measurements on patterned/unpatterned samples
  •  Expertise in 2D materials and 2D superconductivity

Portrait of Marko Knezevic

Knezevic, Marko 

  • Computational methods for microstructure-property-processing linkages
  • Microstructural characterization
  • Microstructure based constitutive models

Portrait of Brad Kinsey

Kinsey, Brad 

  • Lightweighting materials
  • Composites
  • Materials characterization
  • Manufacturing innovations
  • Process modeling for deformation processes (including those at high strain rates)
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Portrait of Yannis Korkolis

Korkolis, Yannis

  • Lightweighting materials
  • Multiaxial plasticity experiments and modeling
  • Ductile fracture and formability
  • Material forming processes (experiments, material modeling, and simulation)
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Portrait of James Krzanowski

Krzanowski, James

  • Development and fabrication of thin-film coatings
  • Mechanical properties of materials and their relation to microstructure and heat treatment
  • Transmission electron microscopy studies of interfaces created by solid-state joining processes

Portrait of David Lashmore

Lashmore, David

  • High-energy density batteries
  • High strength non-carbon based yarns of complex chemistries fabricated from bottom-up assembly of nanostructured elements
  • New technologies for additive manufacturing
  • Composite materials and related manufacturing technologies

Protrait of Gonghu Li

Li, Gonghu 

  • Synthesis
  • Surface functionalization and characterization of nanoporous materials
  • Surface immobilization of molecular catalysts for solar energy conversion
  • Photochemical, electrochemical, and microbial CO2-to-fuel conversion
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Portrait of Yaning Li

Li, Yaning

  • Lightweighting materials and composites
  • Mechanics of natural and synthetic materials and structures across all length scale
  • Finite element simulations and mechanical experiments
  • 3D multi-material printing 

Portrait of Mark Lyon

Lyon, Mark

  • Numerical Analysis
  • Optimization
  • Partial Differential Equations

Portrait of Glenn Miller

Miller, Glen

  • Long-lived organic semiconductors for thin-film organic electronics
  • Chemistries of nanostructured carbons (fullerenes, carbon nanotubes, graphene)
  • Physical Organic Chemistry with a strong synthetic component

Portrait of Wheeler Ruml

Ruml, Wheeler

  • Applications in robotics and decision-support systems
  • Production issues such as small batches, reconfigurable lines, and automated production and packaging
  • Real-time planning, autonomous systems
  • Fast quality-bounded solutions for large problems

Portrait of Edward Song

Song, Edward

  • Conducting Polymers for Electronic Device Applications
  • Nanomaterial-based Chemical and Biological Sensing
  • Electronic Nose (Artificial Olfactory Systems) and Multi-Analyte Detection
  • BioMEMS, Lab-on-a-Chip, and Point-of-Care Diagnostics
  • Printable and Flexible Electronics

Portrait of Xiaowei Teng

Teng, Xiaowei 

Tsavalas, John

  • Core expertise in polymeric nanomaterials
  • Dispersed phase polymerizations leading to well defined control of colloidal nanoparticle morphology
  • Stimuli-responsive coatings and composites (e.g. self-healing coatings)
  • Characterization of thermal transitions and viscoelastic properties
  • Distribution of water within polymers (including contributions to hydroplasticization)
  • Dynamic modeling of colloidal interactions, film formation, & evolution of multi-phase morphology
  • Dynamic modeling of reaction kinetics, macromolecular architecture development, phase separation, and particle morphology development for colloidal synthesis
  • Hydroplasticization of copolymers and impact on diffusion, phase separation, and viscoelastic properties
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Portrait of Igor Tsukrov

Tsukrov, Igor

  • Multiscale studies of carbon/ carbon  composites
  • Stress based failure criterion in sheet metal forming
  • Prevention of micro-cracking in 3D woven composites
  • Copper alloys for marine applications
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Portrait of Se Young (Pablo) Yoon

Yoon, Se Young

  • Optimal control, robust control, and control applications in mechatronics
  • Active magnetic bearings
  • Turbomachinery flow
  • Flexible systems
  • Cyber-physical systems
  • Multi-agent systems