About the Director

Dean BartlesDr. Dean Bartles comes to the Olson Center with 39 years of manufacturing experience, ranging from a family welding and machine shop and CNC work while in college to P and L responsibility for a $600M division of General Dynamics, implementing multi-million dollar programs and setting up international manufacturing operations.  

Bartles' responsibilities have included managing research and development programs, technology transfer programs, program management, and manufacturing operations.  Most recently, Bartles was the Executive Director of the Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute which addresses the life cycle of digital data interchanged among a myriad of design, engineering, manufacturing and maintenance systems, and flowing across an integrated, networked manufacturing supply chain.

Bartles Ph.D. in Technology Management was in the area of utilizing adaptive control technology on a CNC lathe to reduce energy consumption during machining. This work on adaptive controls has led to a strong interest in the area of ‘Industry 4.0’.  

Dr. Bartles has been nationally recognized as an industry leader, with numerous awards and recognitions, such as the Manufacturing Leader of the Year Award by the Manufacturing Leadership Council in 2014.