James Krzanowski

James Krzanowski

Professor of Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science
Director of the Materials Science Program


Ph.D., Materials Science, MIT, 1983
M.S., Materials Science, MIT, 1981
B.E., Materials and Metallurgical Engineering - Stevens Institute of Technology, 1978

Prof. Krzanowski's specialization is in the field of Materials Science. Before coming to UNH, he held engineering and research positions with IBM and the U.S. Army Materials Research Laboratory. His research interests are currently focused on the development and fabrication of thin-film coatings. Work is currently being carried out to develop a simple process for coating materials with titanium carbide, a hard, wear-resistant material. The mechanical properties of metallic thin films and multilayers are also being investigated. Dr. Krzanowski also specializes in the use of advanced methods for characterizing the properties of materials, such as electron microscopy, atomic force microscopy and x-ray diffraction.

Prof. Krzanowski teaches Materials Science courses in the Department, including ME 561 - Introduction to Materials Science, ME 760/MS 860 - Physical Metallurgy, ME 761 - Diffraction and Imaging Methods in Materials Science, ME 762/MS 862- Electronic Materials Science and ME 763/MS 863 - Thin Film Science and Technology. He also administers the Materials Science Minor.

Research Areas

  • Development and fabrication of thin-film coatings
  • Mechanical properties of materials and their relation to microstructure and heat treatment
  • Transmission electron microscopy studies of interfaces created by solid-state joining processes


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