2016 URC-ISE Award Winners Announced

2016 URC-ISE Award Winners Announced

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The 2016 Undergraduate Research Conference Interdisciplinary Science & Engineering Symposium award winners in multiple categories were announced on Wednesday, April 20, prior to the event's open house. Winners in each category were presented with a $500 cash prize.

This year, more than 350 students participated on 156 research groups from three colleges within the University - College of Engineering and Physical Sciences, the College of Life & Agricultural Sciences, and Peter T. Paul College of Business & Economics.

2016 URC-ISE Award Winners

Chemical Engineering

A Bioadhesive combined with Polydopamine Coating to enhance Biointegration

Thahn Dinh

award winner


Pendant Group Effect on Single-chain Nanoparticle Collapse via Intra-chain Radical Polymerization

Jacob Lessard

award winners

Civil Engineering (Dry Infrastructure)

Lower Plains Road over the Middlebury River

Kimberly Forance

Amanda Oka

Shannon Sweeney

Katelyn Welch

Trevor Yandow

award winner

Civil Engineering (Research)

Analysis of Engineered Horseback Riding Surfaces

Ryan van der Heijden

award winners

Civil Engineering (Wet Infrastructure)

Hampton Marsh Segment of East Coast Greenway

Taler Bixler

Erik Dyrness

Daniel Lewis

Colin MacNamee

Rebecca Maskwa

award winners

Computer Science (Applications)

eCLAM - Electrochemical Laboratory Analysis and visualization Module

Connor D'Amours

Tucker Owens

award winners

Computer Science (Research)

Drone Communication Protocol

Peter Franchina

Matthew Mayer

Cameron Pepin

Joseph Puzzo

award winner

Earth Science / Environmental Sciences

In situ Oceanographic LiDAR as a Tool for Retrieving and Characterizing

Adrien Flouros

award winners

Electrical  & Computer Engineering

Musical Analog Synthesizer

Zachary Johnson

Craig Woodmansee

Taylor Woodward

award winner

Mathematics-Statistics-Physics Education

Predictive Analytics Applied to Consumer Behavior 

Joseph Loftus

award winner

Mechanical Engineering

Design of Piezoelectric Shaker for Frequency Testing Applications

David Gottschalk

award winners

Mechanical Engineering (Competition Team)

UNH Precision Racing Car #22

Ryan Boulay

David Bourcier

Joseph Coleman

Luke Desmarais

Evan Duane

Brett Gervais

Nathan Hall

Keith Murray

Christopher Wall

Carlton Wolfe

award winners

Ocean Engineering

Project OASIS

Paige Balcom

Kirby Beranger

Mikalah Little

Siddharth Nigam

Kendre Rodriguez

William Taveras

Allison Wood

award winners


Firewalls and Universal Horizons in Horava-Lifshitz Gravity

Stewart Laroche

award winners

Teacher Science & Engineering

Practical Use of Arduino Sensors in Hydrologic Research

Bethany Poulin

Research & Outreach Award

Page School Outreach & Bridges

Ryan Grover

Arianna Jesi

Joseph Kief

Benjamin Neff

Honorable Mention Awards

Chemical Engineering
Differentiation of Neural Stem Cells into Neurons by Visible Light- Induced Electrical Stimulation
Alison Deyett

Translating High-Throughput Nanofiber Fabrication Techniques for Electroactive-Protein Hybrid Textile Based Materials
Matthew Griswold

Civil Engineering (Dry Infrastructure)
ABC Joint Project
Shahriar Beigi and Alexander Psihoules

Civil Engineering (Research)
NH DreamTech
Cassidy Croci, Matthew Haskell, Brianna Leclerc, Kendre Rodriguez, William Taveras,  and Allison Wood

Civil Engineering (Wet Infrastructure)
Closing the Loop: Star Island Water Reuse
Lindsey Adams, Alyssa Aligata, Tyler Kane, Maxwell Kenney, Justin Macek, and Hans Weber

Computer Science (Applications)
A Non-Linear Sampling Based on Lateral Subtractive Inhibition 
Charles Valenza

Computer Science (Research)
Compiling JavaScript to C++ with an Emphasis on Optimization
Michael Poirier and Matthew Skrabal

Earth Sciences/Environmental Science
The Effects of Snow Melt on Stream Conductivity
Brian Taetzsch

Electrical & Computer Engineering
Directional Electromagnetic Pulse Generator
Marc Coleman, Steven Speck, and David Wolf

Mathematics-Statistics-Physics Education
Modeling Nosocomial Disease Outbreaks using Differential Equations and an Agent Based-Modeling Approach
Cody FitzGerald

Mechanical Engineering
SunShot Solar Receiver R&D with Brayton Energy
Patrick O'Connor, Zachary Patnaude, and Nicholas Shaw

Mechanical Engineering (Competition Teams)
UNH Aerocats
Cameron Bloom, Spencer Burke, Brandon Hasslinger, Ian Marshall, Joseph Palazini, and Frank Steinman

Ocean Engineering
Design of Wingtip Devices for Marine Applications
Timothy Barrett, Aleksandra Wojtowicz

Testing of Advanced Scintillators for Compton Telescope
Alex Wright

Teacher Science & Engineering
Disc-Shaped Compact Tension (DCT) of HMA Samples with 0% and 30% Recycled Asphalt Pavement (RAP) with and without Freeze-Thaw Conditioning
Robert Moore


Chemical Engineering
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Computer Science
Earth Sciences
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Materials Science
Mathematics & Statistics
Mechanical Engineering