Civil and Environmental Engineering


Welcome to the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering at the University of New Hampshire. We appreciate your visit!

Civil and environmental engineering are broad and diverse engineering disciplines that encompass the design, construction, assessment and maintenance of the constructed and natural infrastructure of society.  This infrastructure includes dams, water treatment plants, highways, bridges, tunnels, irrigation canals, traffic control systems, skyscrapers, airport runways and mass transit systems, just to name a few. Our role in society is to promote sustainable development of ours and future generations.

A Letter from the Chair

Rising Star

Kate Haslett

Kate Haslett '18 was named to the ASCE's  2017 New Faces of Civil Engineering, which highlights the next generation of leaders in the profession. Watch her story.   


Opportunities Abound

Sarah Jakositz

Environmental Engineeering major Sarah Jakositz '18 highlights the boundless opportunities at UNH to get involved in the community and across the globe. Read More.

Living Bridge Project

The Living Bridge is equipped with ability to self-diagnose and report back on livability issues, such as traffic and pollution.