Civil Engineering M.S.

Masters of Science

Admission Requirements

An applicant must have completed a baccalaureate science degree in engineering, mathematics, or science at an accredited college or university. If coursework or laboratory experience is deficient, an admitted student will be required to fulfill, without graduate credit, all undergraduate prerequisites for graduate courses. In some cases, the student's adviser may require additional undergraduate courses in order to achieve a well-integrated program of study. Applicants must submit current scores (within five years) from the general test of the GRE, unless waived by the graduate coordinator (for current UNH undergraduate civil engineering (CIE) or environmental engineering (ENE) majors only).


Degree Requirements

All Masters of Science degree students must complete a minimum of 31 total credits that includes a minimum of 24 credit hours of regular coursework, 6 thesis credits and a one-credit Seminar Course. UNH bachelor’s degree students admitted to the Accelerated Master’s program may register for a maximum of 8 credits of graduate-level courses prior to completing their bachelor's degree. Such courses may upon recommendation of the department and approval of the Graduate School count toward both a bachelor's and master's degree.

A formal oral presentation/thesis defense is required. All M.S. degree students are eligible for teaching or research assistantships and are required to register for Master's Student Seminar (CIE 900) for one semester. Students are required to make two presentations during their programs of study. For graduation, a grade of B- or better in each course, an overall B average (3.00 GPA), and a successful thesis defense must be achieved.