EnvE Program Objectives

EnvE Program Objectives



1. EnvE Program graduates will have the skills, experience and knowledge to pursue successful careers as environmental engineers. EnvE Program graduates will have demonstrated the ability to: (a) identify information needs; (b) locate information resources, and/or design laboratory or field experiments to attain required information; and (c) evaluate and synthesize data with sound engineering principles, methodologies, and the latest technology into creative, safe and economical engineering solutions to environmental engineering problems. The solutions they develop minimize the impact of human activities on the environment and protect human health.  The EnvE Program will provide qualified students with a foundation for advanced studies in environmental engineering.


2. EnvE Program graduates will have demonstrated oral and written communication skills to clearly explain engineering options and recommend solutions to stakeholders.

3. EnvE Program graduates will have demonstrated in-depth knowledge within environmental engineering and an awareness of potential social, economic, political, and environmental impacts of engineering practices. EnvE Program graduates will have an appreciation of the contribution of environmental engineers to the benefit of society and the responsibilities of a professional environmental engineer.

4. EnvE Program graduates will work as part of multidisciplinary teams to arrive at solutions to engineering problems.

5. EnvE Program graduates will be prepared to obtain professional engineering licensure. EnvE Program graduates have the capacity to continue learning and improving their professional expertise and skills by participating in professional conferences, workshops and courses, and will understand the importance of continued professional development.