EnvE Student Outcomes

EnvE Student Outcomes

1.1 Graduates will be competent in the use of current engineering tools and computer software in engineering practice.

1.2 Graduates will have the foundation to independently learn new tools and software.

1.3 Graduates will have the ability to: locate, compile and use information; design and perform experiments to satisfy specific information needs; and critically analyze data and interpret and present results.

2.1 Graduates will have the ability to communicate and defend ideas in technical reports and  correspondence

2.2 Graduates will have the ability to speak before a group, convey information to technical and non-technical audiences, and use visual aids.

3.1 Graduates will have basic competence in math, science, and engineering principles and be able to apply this knowledge to solve engineering problems.

3.2 EnvE graduates will have obtained a working knowledge in the basic EnvE disciplines of process engineering, fluid mechanics, solid and hazardous waste, bioenvironmental, physiochemical, air pollution and project engineering.

3.3 Graduates will have had the opportunity to develop a more specialized knowledge base in one of the specific EnvE specialties.

3.4 Graduates will have an awareness of the interaction between engineering practice and social, economic, safety, and environmental issues.

3.5 Graduates will have been exposed to issues of professional ethics

4.1 Graduates will have the ability to interact and collaborate on multidisciplinary teams and will have completed design experiences throughout the program.

4.2 Graduates will be able to critically analyze and design equipment, structures, systems, or processes to meet desired needs while considering social, economic, safety, and environmental effects.

5.1 Graduates will understand contemporary issues within the environmental engineering profession and be aware of how those issues impact environmental engineering practice.

5.2 Graduates will have taken or be prepared to take the Fundamentals of Engineering examination.

5.3 Graduates will have been encouraged to join and become active in professional organizations (e.g., ASCE, AWWA, WEF, SWE, EWB, EWRI, Tau Beta Pi, Order of the Engineer).