Graduate Programs

The Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering offers three graduate level degrees:

Steel Bridge Student GroupMasters of Engineering (M.Eng.)

Students enrolled in the Masters of Engineering program are required to take 30 hours of regular coursework (approximately 10 courses). Additionally, students are required to complete a project or a final examination. This program is designed so that it may be completed in one year. Students in the MEng program are not eligible for financial support as a TA or RA.

Sonia Pape in a labMasters of Science (M.S.)

Students are required to take 24 credit hours of regular coursework (approximately 8 courses), 6 credit hours of thesis work, and a one-credit seminar course, for a total of 31 credits. In addition, students will be required to conduct research and defend a thesis to the public and thesis committee. This option generally takes two years to complete. Students in the MS program are eligible to receive financial support as TAs and RAs.

Kellen Sawyer in a labDoctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

PhD students are required to complete 18 hours beyond a master’s degree. Each student's particular program is decided upon by a guidance committee. A qualifying exam must be taken within the first 18 months after entering the program for students that have a master's degree and within 30 months for students that enter the PhD program with only a bachelor's degree. The qualifying exam  consists of a written and an oral exam. After the qualifying exam is taken and passed, a student goes from doctoral student to doctoral candidate. The candidate will then proceed to complete his or her doctoral research under the supervision of a doctoral committee. Within six months post-candidacy and no sooner than one year prior to the dissertation defense, the candidate should write and present a research proposal to the doctoral committee. After the research proposal presentation, the student will proceed to complete his or her dissertation to the public and defends it to the committee.  It generally takes about four years after the master's degree to receive a doctoral degree.


Focus Areas

The graduate level focus areas in the department of Civil & Environmental Engineering include: