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Structures Research Areas

  • Bridges
  • Seismic Shaking Table
  • Smart Buildings and Infrastructure
  • Structural Engineering Visual Encyclopedia (SEVE)
  • Transportation Technology Transfer Center

Recent Research Grants

Collaborative Research: TC3 - Triboluminescent Crack Categorization Coating
PI: Erin Bell (2013-2016)

BRIGE: Integrating Structural Control and Double Skin Façades for Building Safety and Energy Efficiency
PI: Tat Fu (2012-2014)

RAPID: Structural Damage Data Collection and Analysis of a Recently Damaged Bridge
PI: Tat Fu; Co-PI: Erin Bell (2012-2013)

MRI: Acquisition of a Digital Imaging Correlation System to Advance Research, Training and Education in Engineering
Co-PI: Erin Bell (2008-2011)

CAREER: Integrating Structural Health Monitoring, Intelligent Transportation Systems and Model Updating into a Bridge Condition Assessment Framework
PI: Erin Bell (2007-2013)

Collaborative Research: An Integrated Model for Performance-Based Assessment and Design of Secondary Systems Mounted on Building Structures
PI: Ricardo Medina (2007-2008)

NEESR-CR: Collapse Simulation of Multi-Story Buildings through Hybrid Testing
Co-PI: Ricardo Medina (2009-2013)

Risk Assessment of Structural Integrity of Transportation Casks
Co-PI: Ricardo Medina (2013-2016)