Undergraduate Programs

Degrees Offered

The Department offers two distinct degrees, each with its own curriculum and requirements:  the traditional Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering (BSCE) and the Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering (BSENE).

The BSCE is the broader engineering degree. Students take required classes in each area of civil engineering materials, environmental engineering, geotechnical engineering, structural engineering, and water resources.  Students can focus on the area that most interests them (including environmental engineering) in their senior year when five upper level electives are available to them.  For the incoming student who is sure of their interest in environmental engineering and who wants to take more courses in that area and fewer courses in the other civil engineering areas, the ENE degree is available. 

The BSENE is an undergraduate degree in environmental engineering that prepares students for productive careers in the public and private sectors and graduate studies. The Program emphasizes fundamental principles in environmental engineering and design, built upon a strong base of chemistry, physics, mathematics and engineering science. The Program prepares its students to work in multi-disciplinary teams that analyze, formulate and communicate sustainable solutions to complex environmental problems. The importance of developing sustainable solutions that provide economic, social and environmental benefits to society is emphasized. The Program instills in its students an appreciation of the responsibilities of engineers to society and teaches them the skills necessary to continue learning and improving their professional expertise throughout their careers.  The curricula prepare students to plan and design systems to minimize the impact of human activity on the environment and protect human health.


We appreciate your interest in the BSCE and BSENE programs at UNH.  We’re proud to be one of several great New England universities offering a degree in an engineering field that is vital to the well-being, safety, and future of humankind and that focuses on these goals while repairing damage to our environment and protecting it in the future through sustainable practices, systems, and facilities.  We hope you continue to explore the features that make our program unique and, perhaps, the best fit for your particular needs and plans.