Bioengineering Option

Under this option, the required courses deal with the application of basic biological sciences and chemical engineering principles to the design and operation of large-scale bioprocesses for the production of high value medicinal products, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, biomedical, genetic engineering products, and health care products. The elective courses permit the student to study topics of special interest in more depth or gain a broader perspective in bioengineering or some closely related subjects such as biochemistry or biotechnology experience in manufacturing or research. Three courses are required, and a minimum of two additional courses of at least 3 credits each should be selected from the electives list. Students interested in the bioengineering option should declare their intention during the sophomore year to the department faculty. They may consult with Prof. Russell Carr.


Required Courses

Abbreviation Course Number Title Credits
CHE 761 Biochemical Engineering 4
CHE 766 Biomaterials 4
CHE 651 Biomanufacturing 4
      TOTAL: 12

Elective Courses

Abbreviation Course Number Title Credits
CHE 695 Chemical Engineering Project 3-4
CHE 696 Independent Study 3-4
CHE 722 Microfluidics 4
CHE 762 Biomedical Engineering 4
BMCB 750 Physical Biochemistry 3
BMCB 751 Principles of Biochemistry 3
BMCB 794 Protein Structure Function 4
MATH 740 Design Experiments 4
      TOTAL: 6-8