Honors in Major

Honors in a Major

The Chemical Engineering Department offers an Honors in Major program which is open to all students in Chemical Engineering with a GPA of 3.2 or higher.  The Honors in Major programs requires 12 credits of honors course work in the major and a 4 credit thesis experience.  This means that at least three 4 credit courses  or four 3 credit courses need to be completed at the honors level.  The following required courses may be designated as honors courses

CHE 601

Fluid Mechanics

3 credits

CHE 602

Heat Transfer

3 credits

CHE 603

Applied Mathematics for Chemical Engineers

4 credits

CHE 604

Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics

3 credits

CHE 614

Separation Processes

3 credits

CHE 703

Mass Transfer

3 credits

CHE 707

Chemical Engineering Kinetics

3 credits

CHE 752

Process Dynamics and Control

4 credits

In addition, the following elective courses can be designated as honors courses.

CHE 701

Introduction to Polymer Engineering

4 credits

CHE 705

Natural and Synthetic Fossil Fuels

4 credits

CHE 712

Introduction to Nuclear Engineering

4 credits

CHE 722

Introduction to Microfluidics

4 credits

CHE 761

Biochemical Engineering

4 credits

CHE 762

Biomedical Engineering

4 credits

ENE 709

Fundamentals of Air Pollution and its Control

4 credits

ENE 772

Physicochemical Processes for Water and Air Quality Control

4 credits


To designate a course as an honors course, the student meets with the instructor during pre-registration and together they determine the honors experience expected for the course.  Shortly after the course begins, the student completes an Honors Designation form which is signed by the instructor and the department Honors Liaison (Dr. Russell Carr) and delivered to the Registration Office. 

Students can complete the Honors thesis requirement in one of two ways.  The student can work with a faculty mentor on a research project and registers for 4 credits of ChE 695 Chemical Engineering Project.  Alternatively, the student can designate ChE 708 as an honors class and independently complete the National AIChE Student Design Problem in thirty days.  A brief proposal indicating the objectives of the project, the faculty mentor and how the thesis will be presented is to be submitted to the department liaison when the thesis is chosen. 

Please direct any questions about the honors in major program in ChE to the department’s honors liaison, Dr. Russell Carr (862-1429).