Analytical/Physical/Chemistry Education Lunch Meetings

Parsons S150
12:10 - 1 pm

Date Presenter, Title
Sep 11

Prof. Craig Chapman, Theoretical and Computational Chemistry in the Chapman Group: Molecular Solutions for Energy, Materials, and Technology

Sep 18 Prof. Anyin Li, Mass Spectrometry: Chemistry, Tool and Information about the Dancing  Ions
Sep 25


Oct 2

Sebastian Pantovich, Exploring variants of Cyclam and 2,2'-bipyridine Ligands in CO2 Reduction

Oct 9 Rene Buell, Tracking Student Online Textbook Use
Oct 16

Tom Fenton, Adsorption Studies of CO/CO2 on Cu/Sn TiO2 for understanding the mechanism of CO2 Reduction

Sean Dineen, Effect of Solvent Inclusions on Refractive Index Retrievals

Oct 23


Oct 30

Jillian Morang, Investigation of Refractive Index for Dry-generated Clay Aersols

Nov 6

Ben Stewart, Windows on the Inquiry Classroom: An Online Source of A Research Based Teaching Methodology

FeiFei Wang, TBA

Nov 13

Rongfang Yang, Preparation of Molecular Imprinted Polymer to 7-hydroxycoumarin

Anthony Timberman, TBA

Nov 20


Nov 27

Samantha Gillingham, Microwave Deposition of Cobalt onto Silica Surfaces for CO2 reduction

Shaochen Xu, Synthesis of Covalent Linkage Between Molecular Catalyst and Light Harvesting Surface for CO2 Reduction

Dec 4 Gordon Hunter, Can Affect Compensate for Cognitive? Investigating Relationships Between Prior Knowledge, Self-efficacy, and Performance in General Chemistry.

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