Chemistry B.A.

A study in chemistry is the pathway to multiple options. These options range from a career in education, law, forensics, medicine, biotechnology, environmental protection, technical sales, semiconductors, and industrial chemical production. The potential is limitless. Students interested in pursuing chemistry as an undergraduate degree have two options available to them, which are based on their career plans.

Since the required chemistry courses in both degree programs are the same first year, it is easy to change from one program to another.

There are also options for a chemistry minor and an Honors curriculum. The capstone of our B.S. program is a thesis program that requires a year of study in one of our active research groups. There are many opportunities for undergraduate research in our Department.

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry
This curriculum prepares students for careers requiring a thorough knowledge of chemistry and provides a strong foundation for graduate study in chemistry or in interdisciplinary areas. The curriculum requires a greater depth in chemistry and physics than the other program.

Bachelor of Arts, Chemistry Major
This curriculum offers the students the opportunity to combine a chemistry major with other interests, for example, the pre-healing arts, education and business.