Chemistry Minor

1. A Chemistry Minor is achieved by taking courses with a "CHEM" label. Biochemistry (“BCHM”) courses do not count toward a Chemistry Minor. The following CHEM courses are not acceptable as part of the 20 credits: Chem 400 (Freshman Seminar), Chem 696 (Independent Study), Chem 698 (Seminar) and Chem 501/502 (Peer-Led Team Learning).

2. You must have a total of 20 credit hours in Chemistry unless you have completed Physical Chemistry 1 (Chem 683) and the accompanying laboratory course (Chem 685), in which case 18 credit hours will suffice.

3. You cannot count more than 8 credit hours of Chemistry coursework toward your Chemistry Minor amongst the set of required Chemistry courses for your major. For example, if your major requires you to take more than 8 credit hours of Chemistry coursework [a typical list might include CHEM403 (4 credit hours), CHEM404 (4 credit hours), CHEM545 (3 credit hours) and CHEM546 (2 credit hours)], you can only count 8 of these credit hours towards your Chemistry Minor. The remaining credits must come from CHEM courses that are not required for the student’s major.

4. None of the Chemistry courses for a Chemistry Minor can be taken on a pass/fail basis.

5. A grade of C- or better is required in all Chemistry Minor coursework.

6. A cumulative GPA of 2.00 is also required for all your Chemistry Minor coursework.

7. Transfer credits can only be applied to your Chemistry Minor with the permission of the Chemistry Department Chair, but only up to a maximum of 8 credit hours. The transferred courses must meet the minimum grade requirements.

Interested in obtaining a Chemistry Minor? What should you do?

Discuss your plans to minor in Chemistry with the Chemistry Department’s Undergraduate Coordinator, currently Sam Pazicni ( 862-2529 Parsons W110). Complete an Intent to Minor form. The Chemistry Department’s Undergraduate Coordinator will act as your Minor Advisor and will sign the form as appropriate. Take the form to your Major Advisor and request his/her signature as well. Return the form to the CEPS Deans Office (2nd floor, Kingsbury Hall). Two months prior to graduation, obtain and complete the Registrar’s form Completion of Minor to certify that all requirements have been met.