Chemistry M.S.

The Department of Chemistry has as its basic goal the development of professional chemists. Students acquire the specific skills required for careers in industry, government and academia through a program which includes research, course work and oral presentation combined with close interaction with members of the faculty, especially the student’s research supervisor. The Department of Chemistry Graduate Program offers the Master of Science (M.S.) degrees in the areas of analytical, organic, inorganic and physical chemistry as well as interdisciplinary areas.

Admission Requirements

Admission to the Master of Science is based upon a strong undergraduate record, which requires satisfactory work in the usual undergraduate courses in analytical, organic, inorganic and physical chemistry. In addition, satisfactory completion of the normal support courses of mathematics and physics are required.

Entering graduate students are expected to take placement examinations in chemistry to assist in starting each new graduate student at the appropriate level. These examinations will be offered during the orientation period of the semester; the dates are to be announced in the departmental graduate calendar.
Students with strong backgrounds in other areas may be accepted as “provisional”, and are expected to complete the normal undergraduate degree requirements in chemistry before entering the graduate program

M.S. Requirements

  • Demonstration of a broad understanding of undergraduate chemistry by passing a series of basic examinations or satisfactory performance in approved courses.
  • Satisfactory performance in at least three path-specific (analytical, inorganic, organic, or physical) courses and attendance at Department seminars.
  • Satisfactory presentation of a Research Progress Report in the second year of residence.
  • Preparation, public presentation, and oral defense of a written thesis.

Thesis Mentor and Committee

Students select a thesis mentor during the first semester in the program after interviewing at least three faculty members.  During each semester thereafter, students conduct independent research under the supervision of this faculty member. In the second year of residence and before the Research Progress Report a committee is selected.  This committee evaluates the student's Research Progress Report and Thesis defense.