Departmental Seminars Spring 2017

Parsons N104
11:10 am


Date Speaker Affiliation Topic Sponsor
Jan 17 Reserved   Physical/Theoretical Faculty Candidate  
Jan 24 Reserved  

Analytical Faculty Candidate

Jan 31 Reserved  

Analytical Faculty Candidate

Feb 7 NA  


Feb 14 Reserved  


Feb 21 Prof. Kwok-Fan Chow  UMass Lowell

Naked-Eye Electrochemical Sensor

Feb 28 Prof. Michael A. Daniele NC State University Composite Biomaterials: 
From Engineering Human Tissues to Wearable Electronics and Beyond
Mar 7 Charles Schmuttenmaer Yale University

The Chemistry & Sustainability Lecture Series

THz Spectroscopy:
Studying Carrier Dynamics and Solar Energy Conversion in Nanostructured Materials

Mar 14 Spring break no classes.    
Mar 21 John Wood Baylor 

Organic Syntheses Distinguished Lecture Series

Recent Progress in the Synthesis of Complex Natural Products

Mar 28 Marilyne Stains  University of Nebraska Capturing Instructional Practices in the Chemistry Classrooms and Laboratories: New Research-Based Tools to Address both Instructors’ and Researchers’ Needs SP
Apr 4

Dr. Krisztina Varga

MCBS Department, University of New Hampshire

A Biophysical Study of Protein Structure-Function and Nanoparticles

Apr 11 Craig Ogle University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Development and Applications of a Bioconjugation Tool Kit

Apr 18 Garret Miyake University of Colorado, Boulder

Organocatalyzed Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization

Apr 25 Jie He  University of Connecticut

Harnessing Synergies at the Interface of Polymers and Inorganic Nanomaterials

May 2 Lynn Francesconi 

Hunter College of the City University of New York

Zirconium-89: Radiochemistry and Ligand Design toward Improved PET Applications

May 9 Sidney M. Wilkerson-Hill Emory University Novel Cycloaddition Precursors for the Rapid
Generation of Molecular Complexity

Updated 4/13/2017
Coordinator for this semester is Prof. Rudi Seitz.