Departmental Seminars Spring 2018

Parsons N104
11:10 am



Speaker, Affiliation


Jan 30


Erik Berda, UNH, Department of Chemistry and Materials Science

Nano Knitting Yarns

Feb 6


Heather Kulik, MIT, Department of Chemical Engineering 

New Computational Strategies for Inorganic Design


Feb 13


Dr. Simon Bonyhady, Lanxess
An Inorganic Chemist's First Year in Industry


Feb 20


Sherine Elsawa,  UNH Molecular, Cellular and Biomedical Sciences
Targeting GLI2 to Regulate Ig Secretion in Lymphoma B Cells

Feb 27


Shawna Hollen, UNH Physics Deptartment
Correlating Atomic-Scale Structure with Electronic Properties of 2D Materials


Mar 6


Dmitry Polyansky, Brookhaven National Lab

Reductive Transformations in Artificial Photosynthesis: Formation and Reactivity of Hydride Donors

Mar 13 Spring break no seminar.
Mar 20

LaMattina Lecture Series

Dr. Thomas J. Bruno, National Institute of Standards and Technology
Vapor Sampling for Arson Investigation: at the Intersection of Physical and Analytical Chemistry

Mar 27

LaMattina Lecture Series

Dr. Muckerman, Brookhaven National Laboratory
Theory Elucidating Experiment: Developing a DFT Model for Electrocatalytic Syngas Production from CO2 and H2O

Apr 3


Gonghu Li, UNH Department of Chemistry
Surface Molecular Catalysis for Solar Fuel Research

Apr 10


Caleb Martin, Baylor University

Exploiting the Diverse Chemistry of Boroles to Access Unsaturated Boracycles

Apr 13


This Special Seminar will take place at 3pm in Parsons Hall W131

Rebekka Klausen, Johns Hopkins University
Unconventional Building Blocks for Functional Polymeric Materials

Apr 17


The Chemistry & Sustainability Lecture Series

Steven Suib, University of Connecticut
Applications of Porous Metal Oxides and Sulfide in Adsorption, Batteries, and Catalysis

Apr 24


Patricia Mabrouk, Northeastern University

So You Think Your Laboratory is Running Well? When Did You Last Have a Conversation About Authorship with Your Students?

Apr 25


This Special Seminar will take place from 4:10-5:00pm in Demeritt 240

Trisha L. Andrew, UMass Amherst
Vapor Phase Chemistry for Textile Electronics

May 1


Dominik Konkolewicz, Miami University, Ohio
Dynamic Connections in Polymers. From Soft Networks to Biohybrid Materials.