Graduate Student Orientation & Placement Exam Schedule Fall 2018

please note this is a draft and may change

It is mandatory for all new graduate students to attend this schedule.

Monday, August 20 

8:15-10:15am     Orientation Begins in Room S150 Parsons Hall General Meeting for new students with Department Chair Professor Glen Miller, Graduate Coordinator Professor Gonghu Li and Academic Program Coordinator Cindi Rohwer.

Topics: Department welcome, Administrative orientation, TA assignments and more.

Note: Parking is available at the meters on Academic Way, which is the road in front of Parsons Hall until you can obtain a commuter parking pass (if needed).

10:30–12:30pm     Placement Exam #1 (Organic) Room S150
12:30–1:15pm     Lunch in South West Lobby
1:15-2:00pm     Graduate Photos Taken – Meet in the Southwest Lobby, Parsons Hall
2:00pm onwards     Non-international students can use this time to register their computers to access UNH wireless secure, obtain parking permits if needed, check out  your assigned desk location, tour the campus, etc. 


International Students only:
International Student Grad complete hiring paperwork and E-Form check-in. Bring all documentation with you to this meeting. Location MUB Room 330/332

Tuesday, August 21

8:00–5:00pm     Graduate School OrientationMandatory for all students. Granite State Room, Memorial Union Building (MUB)

Wednesday, August 22         

International Students only:
Immigration Rights & Responsibilities (MUB Strafford Room) – For International Students Only.

10:30-12:30pm     Placement Exam #2 (Analytical) Room S150
12:30-1:00pm      Pizza Lunch
1:00-3:00pm     Placement Exam #3 (Physical) Room S150
3:00-5:30pm     Chemistry Teaching Seminar Session #1 (Chem 800) Room S150

Thursday, August 23

8:00-10:00am     Placement Exam #4 (Physical) Room S150 
Fire Drill/Power Outage Evacuation Drill (might move to 1st week of classes in the afternoon-tbd)
12:00-1:00pm     Holloway Commons Lunch
1:00-5:30pm     Chem Teaching Seminar Session #2 (Chem 800) Room S150

Friday, August 24   

8:10- 10:00am     Course Lab tours and TA Technology Training
10-11:30am     Safety Instruction with Andy Glode, EH&S
12:00-1:00pm     Lunch – Philbrook with 2 Grad Students
1:00-4:30pm     New graduate student course advising. Located in Room W119 Parsons

Students will be scheduled for 10-15 minute sessions each. Please come early in case it takes less time than scheduled. You will be able to register for your courses on-line after your advising session.


27 Monday


Classes Begin at 8:10 a.m.

  General Chemistry New TA Training – S150 Parsons
2:00-3:00pm Chem 403 TAs orientation meeting (new TAs)
3:00-4:00pm Chem 411 TAs Orientation meeting (new TAs)
4:00-5:00pm   Chem 405 TAs orientation meeting (new TAs)

     28 Tuesday  

12:40-2:00pm  Faculty Research Presentations in S250 Parsons
2:00-2:30pm Poster Session with Refreshments

Faculty Research Presentations in S250 Parsons

​29 Wednesday


TA training on Grading (Includes new and continuing TAs)
Gen Chem TAs Room S150
Organic TAs Room S250

30 Thursday   

12:40-2:00pm Faculty Research Presentations in S250 Parsons
2:00-2:30pm Poster Session with Refreshments
2:40-4:30pm Faculty Research Presentations in S250 Parsons

31 Friday

1:10-2:00 pm Chem 403 TA MEETING – New and Veteran TAs, S150 Parsons

Chem 411 TA Meeting – New and Veteran TAs, S150 Parsons


Chem 405 TA Meeting – New and Veteran TAs, S150 Parsons


Organic Lab Orientation for all Organic Course TAs
per Prof. Sarah Joiner and Susan Small, Organic Course labs.
Location S250 Parsons


  1. Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Training for Ph.D. Students

Link for more information:  Note: Most Ph.D. students complete the 11 web-based modules and attend the RCR Training session scheduled in the Fall. There will be a separate module and training session for MS students also in the Fall. You must REGISTER for this training ahead of time.

  1. Fire Extinguisher Training will be scheduled with EH&S. Cindi Rohwer, Mgr. will send you an email for sessions available. It is mandatory to sign up for one session.
  2. Lab Safety and on-line Hazardous Waste training will be scheduled with EH&S. Cindi Rohwer will send them your UNH email address and they will set you up for access via MyCourses. Hazardous Waste Training must be completed within 2 weeks of email notification by EH&S.
For questions, please see Cindi Rohwer, Manager, Parsons W115 or call 603-862-1795.