Analy/Phys/Chem Ed Lunch Talks

Analytical/Physical/Chemistry Education Lunch Talks- suspended until further notice

Parsons S150
12:10 - 1 pm

Date Presenter, Title
Jan 27  
Feb 3


Feb 10 Yuan Chen, A Ratiometric Fluorescent Indicator used for Bioavailable Heavy Metal Ion Concentration Measurement
Feb 17


Feb 24

Ehab Shabaan, Active sites on Cu/TiO2 and Pt/TiO2 for CO2 Hydrogenation

Mar 2 Yung-Chun Lin, Waterborne Multi-lobed Particle Morphology for Directed-Assembly Towards Hierarchical Structure
Mar 9

Jackson Kaspari, Evolution of Nitrous and Nitric Acids from Biomass Burning During FIREX-AQ

Mar 16 Spring Break
Mar 23 Mohammad Mousazadeh
Mar 30

Taoqing Wang

Apr 6

Charlie Ayotte, Using a Card Sorting Task to Characterize Student Interrogation of Molecular Structure

Huishan Li, Study Electrospray Ion Deposition Parameters to Deliver Metal Ions

Apr 13

Tianyu Ren

Vahid Hosseinpour, Using AE-DOAS to measure the  light extension of dry-generated vanillic acid aerosols

Apr 20

Yibo Zhang, Computational studies on the binding of molecules on MOFs(metal–organic frameworks)

Apr 27

Nick Pollack

May 4 Esraa Ahmad