Fall 2022 Seminar Series

Parsons Hall N104
11:10 - 12:30 pm
(Unless otherwise noted)


Speaker, Affiliation

Aug 30

Cheryl Parker, MS, Brewery Manager, UNH COLSA

Title: Beer science and the UNH brewing program

Sep 6 Open


Sep 13 Open

Sep 20


Sep 27

Prof. Gaël Ung, University of Connecticut
Title: Seeking chiral light: Design and synthesis of molecules emitting circularly polarized luminescence 

Oct 4
Suazette Mooring, Georgia State University, Dept. of Chemistry

Title: Chemistry Education Research

Oct 11

Dr. Felicitas Lips, Munster University (Virtual Seminar)

Title: Reactivity of Amido-Substituted Silicon Ring and Cluster Compounds

Oct 18

Dr. Chris Loughnane, UNH Library

Title: Introduction to Zotero: Collect, Organize, Annotate, Cite, and Share your Research

Oct 25

Dr. Wesley O. Gordon, US Army CCDC CBC

Title: Surface Science and In Operando Studies of Novel Materials for Chemical Threat Decontamination

Nov 1

Anna Weaver, New Hampshire Forensics Lab

Title: You Can't Escape Chemistry! Chemical Solutions to Forensic Challenges

Nov 8

Dr. Mowei Zhou, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (Virtual Seminar)

Title: Dissecting unknown and heterogenous proteins by native top-down mass spectrometry

Nov 15

Dr. Richard Johnson, University of New Hampshire

Title: Computational Modeling: Moving Your Chemistry into 3D

Nov 22 HOLD

Nov 29


Dr. Barry A. Blight, University of New Brunswick

Title: Supramolecular Influences on Luminescence: From Coordination Complexes to Porous Solids

Dec 6

Dec 13 Reading Day - No Seminar