Graduate Seminar Presentations

Parsons N104

Date Presenter, Title
Oct 29 (TH) Jackson Kaspari, Ozone in Your Home: Chemical Evolution and Advances in Mitigation Technologies
Nov 5 (TH) Nicholas Pollak, Catalytic Methods for the Valorization of Consumer Food Waste
Nov 12 (TH) Taylir Bullick, Molecular Knots: Synthesis, Topology, and Advances Towards Catalysis 
Nov 19 (TH) Yung-Chun Lin, Promoting the Adhesion of Waterborne Coatings to Substrates by Utilizing Mussel-Inspired Chemistry 
Nov 24 (T) Huishan Li, Advances in Super-resolution Fluorescence Microscopy (SRFM) and “Twinkle Star” Fluorescence Probes 
Dec 3 (TH) Leo Povolostskiy, Biocatalysts: Engineering New Pathways to Chiral Amines
Dec 17 (TH) Anna Huebner, The Development of Stimuli-Responsive Polymeric Nanocarriers to Enhance Drug Delivery  
Feb 4 (TH) Rashi Gupta, Metal-based Photo-switches via Light Driven Sulfoxide Linkage Isomerization 
Feb 18 (TH) Yibo Zhang, Machine Learning Applications in Chemistry
May 6 (TH) Esraa Ahmad, Recent Use of Photoacoustic Spectroscopy in Sensing Trace Gases Utilizing 3D Printing