Organic/Inorganic Lunch Talks

Horton 207
12:10 - 1 pm

Date Presenter, Title
Sep 7

Zane Relethford, Pliable Pendent Pyridyl Pd-PEPPSI Clamshell Complex for Chiral Catalysis

Sep 14

Ryan Fitzgerald, Synthesis of model oxepin substrates for comparative two electron oxidation reactions with cerium ammonium nitrate and cytochrome P450
and Novel synthetic routes toward 1-propyl-4-silatranone via strained silacyclobutanes

Sep 28

Ruiwen Chen, Fabrication of single-chain nanoparticles via intra-chain radical polymerization

Oct 5

Marie-Josiane Ohoueu, Development of thiol-containing open β-lactam analogues targeting metallo-β-lactamases

Brian Patenaude, Secondary coordination sphere interactions of porphyrin-cored polymer nanoparticles

Oct 12

Carter Holt, On the Road to Triangulenes


Oct 19

Junfu Chen, Synthesis of Thioacids for Inhibition of Metallo-beta-Lactamases via a "Sulfide Release" Strategy

Nick Arnista, Zinc Mediated Chain Extension: Synthesis of Heliotridane and Incorporation of Functionality at the β Position

Oct 26

Dejun Dong, Modified Electrode for Proton Reduction

Liz Bright, Sequencing ATRP and ATRC to form dense SCNP architectures

Nov 2

Stacie Stuut, The use of Michaelis-Arbuzov reactions to synthesize a library of phosphonamide inhibitors for Metallo-β-lactamases

Erinn Reville, Formation of globular single-chain nanoparticles from block-co-polymers via Sonogashira coupling

Nov 9

Chang Liu, The Combined Effect of Reactivity ratio and ψ Parameter on Kinetics and Network Formation in Bulk Polymerization 

Sam Lavallee, Electrochemical Reduction of CO2 Using Graphene Electrodes and Re(BPY)(CO)3Cl

Nov 16

Ethan Jarvis, Linker design in C-functionalized cyclams for use in hybrid photocatalytic systems

Alexa Green, Synthesis of Bridgehead Bicyclic Lactams and Amine Oxides: A Study of Amide Bond Distortion

Nov 23 Thanksgiving Holiday
Nov 30

Md Al Faruk, TBA

Peiyuan Zhao, TBA

Dec 7

Xianggeng Liu, TBA

Jarec Rondeau, TBA