Organic/Inorganic Lunch Talks

Parsons Hall N116
12:10 - 1 pm

Date Presenter, Title
Feb 1 Liz Bright, Characterizing the Morphology of Post-Polymerization ATRP/C Products Using Multi-Detector GPC
Feb 8 Noah Cote, Synthesis of 2,3-Benzoxepin for Comparative Two Electron Oxidation Studies with Ceruim Ammonium Nitrate and Cytochrome P450
Feb 15


Feb 22

Faruk, Trans-β-chloroacrylic acid as versatile acetylene equivalent

Mar 1

Ruiwen Chen

Ethan Jarvis

Mar 8

MJ Ohoueu, Development of thiol containing open lactam analogues targeting metallo-b-lactamases

Ryan Fitzgerald, Synthesis of model oxepin substrates for comparative two electron oxidation reactions with cerium ammonium nitrate and cytochrome P450
Novel synthetic routes toward 1-propyl-4-silatranone via strained

Mar 15

Spring Break

Mar 22

Carter Holt

Alexa Green

Mar 29

Junfu Chen

Nick Arnista

Apr 5

Zane Relethford

Chris LaSalle

Apr 12

Dejun Dong

Erin Reville

Apr 19

Hailey Sylvester

Peiyuan Zhao

Apr 26

Xianggeng Liu

Chang Liu

May 3

Nathan Shipley

Katelyn Wentworth