UNH Disciplinary-Based Education Research (DBER) in STEM

A new seminar series for AY 2021-2022

Parsons N104 (Iddles Wing lecture room), 1:10-2:00 pm

Your colleagues in CEPS and COLSA have been conducting NSF-funded research on teaching and learning within their home disciplines. This research informs us about our students and their learning, pointing the way to improved instructional environments.  We invite faculty and staff colleagues and interested graduate students to join us to explore and discuss this research.

The seminar series is sponsored by CEPS, COLSA, and CRISTaL (Collaborative for Research at the Interface of STEM Teaching and Learning).

Sep 17

Prof. Dawn Meredith, UNH Physics
Student mechanistic reasoning about static and dynamic liquids  

Oct 1

Dr. Julianna Gesun, UNH Engineering
Engineering Thriving: Shifting the Narrative from Surviving to Thriving (“Choose Your Own Adventure”)

Oct 15

Prof. Chris Bauer, UNH Chemistry
Knowing and engaging chemistry students in new ways:  Attitude, self-concept, metacognition, and motivation

Nov 5

Prof. Orly Buchbinder, UNH Mathematics & Statistics
Enhancing Preparation of Prospective Secondary Mathematics Teachers: Mathematical Reasoning and Proving as a Lens for Teaching

Nov 19

Dr. Michael Briggs, UNH Physics
A Comparison of Different Strategies for how to Group Students to Optimize Group Work

Coming in spring:  Dr. Nigar Altindis (Mathematics), Dr. Kathleen Bowe (chemistry), Prof. Melissa Aikens (Biology), Dr. Karen Graham (Mathematics), Dr. Suazette Mooring (Georgia State, Chemistry)

Contact for questions: Prof. Chris Bauer    chris.bauer@unh.edu