Spotlight on Student Research: Jillian Morang

Our research in the Greenslade Group focuses on the interactions of light with aerosols, or particles suspended in the air, and how a changing environment can impact those interactions. Particularly, my interest has been in understanding how the use of different experimental techniques in the lab can alter measured results. Researchers have commonly used solutions or suspensions of compounds in water to create the aerosols they wish to study, but for many particles this is not representative of their natural generation. I have been interested in an alternative dry aerosol-generation technique and understanding how the same aerosol can have different optical properties when different generation methods are used. With this research, I hope to improve the current understanding of how the methodologies we use in the lab may influence gathered data, as well as providing information that better depicts that which occurs in nature.


Jillian Morang is a third year graduate student in the Greenslade Group.