Spotlight on Student Research: Sharon Song

4th year graduate student Sharon Song for aesthetic purposes

I am a fourth year graduate student in the Johnson group and my research focuses on the application of cationic rearrangement and cyclization. Nonplanar aromatic hydrocarbons have found broad application in many areas of chemistry due to their interesting structural and electronic properties. Diverse strategies exist for nonplanar aromatic hydrocarbon synthesis, but more general and easily scalable approaches still are desirable. We are currently studying the applications of various cationic cyclization and rearrangement (Nazarov-type cyclization, pinacol-pinacolone Stone-Wale rearrangement, and acyl rearrangement of aromatic ketones) using both experiment and theory. Density Functional Theory (DFT) computations provide a reliable prediction of the regioselectivity of cyclization and  stereoselectivity of the rearrangement. 

Sharon Song, 4th year graduate student in Prof. Richard Johnson's Research Group