Earth & Environmental Science Ph.D.

The NRESS Program draws on the University's strengths in environmental and earth sciences, life sciences, social sciences, and ethical and policy studies, and has the following objectives:

  • To increase our understanding of environmental and natural resource problems and solutions at local, regional, and global scales;
  • To provide the opportunity for graduate students to pursue interdisciplinary research on the environment;
  • To stimulate excellence in research and teaching through increased contact between students and faculty in different departments and colleges.

Both the global environment and our understanding of that environment are changing at rates that are unprecedented in the history of the Earth. Solutions to environmental problems require knowledge of the interaction among physical, biological, environmental, and socioeconomic factors, while ethical considerations underlie both the identification of environmental problems and choice of action. Predicting and preparing for our future in this different world requires that we train a generation of scientists with a foundation in traditional disciplines and an ability to understand the challenge of interfacing among them. The Ph.D. Program in Natural Resources and Earth System Science (NRESS) was designed to meet this challenge and to encourage interdisciplinary research on the environment in the broadest sense.

More infomation can be found on the Natural Resources and Earth System Science PhD Program website.