Earth Sciences Teaching B.A.

The Bachelor of Arts in Earth Science Teaching program is offered by the Department of Earth Sciences in coordination with the Department of Education. The program is specifically designed to prepare students to teach earth sciences in secondary school. Upon graduation from this typically five-year program, students receive full teacher certification which is recognized in most states.

Degree Requirements

  1. Satisfy all University Discovery Program Requirements.
  2. Satisfy the bachelor of arts degree requirements.
  3. Complete the following: ESCI 401, The Dynamic Earth, or ESCI 409, Geology and the Environment; ESCI 402, Earth History; ESCI 501, Introduction to Oceanography; GEOG 473, The Weather; CHEM 403-404, General Chemistry; PHYS 401-402, Introduction to Physics I and II or PHYS 407-408, General Physics I and II, PHYS 406, Introduction to Modern Astronomy; plus 12 approved elective credits from intermediate and/or advanced Earth sciences courses.
  4. Math requirements: 425, Calculus I, and 426, Calculus II.
  5. Satisfy the secondary-school teacher education program.
  6. Senior Capstone

Resume and an idealized course schedule by semester for undergraduates interested in the BA in Earth Sciences, Teaching option can be found here.