ECE Careers

Electronic equipment is ECE laboratoryWe don't need to tell you that almost anything you've done today was powered by an electrical signal. Electrical & Computer Engineers today are busy engineering the next wave of impressive devices that will shape our future.

An ECE degree is your ticket to designing the electronics of the future. You can expect a flexible work schedule. You can expect to be compensated well for your efforts and feel a sense of pride in your creations. We will teach you the theories and provide you with hands-on practical applications. But you and your peers will engineer the future.

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) website link, IEEE Education and Careers, is an excellent source of information for ECE careers and resources.  Visit the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences Career Opportunities site to learn more about the opportunities in electrical and computer engineering. UNH's Advising and Career Center provides career planning for students and UNH alumni. is a great resource to learn about electrical engineering and computer engineering careers.  For information on employment and earnings statistics for electrical and computer engineers, visit the National Bureau of Labor Statistics pages on computer engineering and electrical engineering.

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There are ten key industry sectors that employ electrical engineers, computer engineers and computer scientists:

Education and Research
Energy and Electric Power
Services and Other Professions
Transportation and Automotive