Electrical and Computer Engineering M.S.

Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering (M.S.)

ECE M.S. degree students must take a minimum of 30 graduate credits including:

  • 20 credit hours of graduate coursework, with at least 12 of those credit hours earned in 900-level courses
  • 4 credits of ECE 900A/B, Seminars
  • 6 credits of thesis work (ECE 899)

Up to 12 credits earned in non-ECE courses numbered 700-799 may be taken for graduate credit by ECE M.S. degree students provided the courses are petitioned and approved by the dean of the Graduate School.  A student may petition that a maximum of 12 graduate credits taken prior to admission in the UNH ECE master of science degree program be applied to fulfill the degree requirements.

Under certain circumstances it may be desirable to take courses outside the ECE department to attain the goals outlined in the student's program of study.  In these cases, up to two non-ECE 900-level courses are allowed without petition, provided that they are approved by the student's academic adviser and that the student take at least two 900-level courses (neither of which may be independent studies) within the department.  A student wishing to take more than two courses (either 800 or 900 level) outside the department must petition the ECE Graduate Committee.