Laboratory Space



Bionics Laboratory ECE444 Bionics: Technology from Nature
Electronics Laboratory I
ECE537 Introduction to Electrical Engineering

ECE541 Electric Circuits
ECE548 Electronic Design

Digital Systems Laboratory
ECE401 Perspectives in Electrical and Computer Engineering

ECE543 Introduction to Digital Systems

Embedded Computing & Computer Architecture Laboratory*
ECE562 Computer Organization
ECE649 Embedded Microcomputer Based Design
Advanced Electronics & Instrumentation Laboratory*
ECE603 Electromagnetic Fields and Waves
ECE633/ECE634 Signals and Systems I & II
ECE651 Electronic Design II
ECE775 Application of Integrated Circuits
ECE781 Physical Instrumentation
ECE784 Biomedical Instrumentation
Digital Signal and Image Processing Laboratory* ECE714 Introduction to Digital Signal Processing
ECE717 Introduction to Digital Image Processing
Communication & Wireless Systems Laboratory*
ECE734 Network Data Communications
ECE757 Fundamentals of Communication Systems
ECE758 Communication System Design
Control Systems Laboratory ECE772 Control Systems
Design Automation Laboratory*
ECE583 Designing with Programmable Logic
ECE711 Digital Systems
ECE715 Introduction to VLSI
Fiber Optics Laboratory
ECE760 Introduction to Fiber Optics

*Indicates a laboratory that is accessible twenty-fours hours a day.