Student Advisory Board


The Electrical and Computer Engineering Student Advisory Board (ECE-SAB) was founded on April 2001.

The mission of the ECE-SAB is to provide an organized forum for interaction between students and the faculty.  Its principal function is to provide education assessment of the EE and CE program and to identify needs within the ECE Department.  Examples of the ECE-SAB function are but not limited to:

  • Discussing student issues
  • Assessing the delivery of our undergraduate curriculum and services
  • Identifying areas where improvements may be warranted
  • Obtaining rapid feedback about the impact of implemented changes

The ECE-SAB will consist of two representatives from each major and class,  an alumnus of the ECE Department graduate student, and the ECE Chair or his designate.

The ECE-SAB will meet at least twice a year with the ECE Chair or his designate and have the opportunity to meet with the ECE Industrial Advisory Board.

The minutes of the ECE-SAB meetings will be maintained in the ECE Department file and are available for review, and are shared with the appropriate faculty committees.