Faculty Promotion and Tenure Procedures and Documents

These documents, in conjunction with the section on promotion and tenure in the Collective Bargaining Agreement between AAUP and the USNH Trustees, are to assist in planning and preparing for the promotion and tenure process.

Office of the Provost

  • Link to the Provost's Office Promotion and Tenure Procedures & Documents

Office of the Dean

  • Promotion and Tenure Case Templates
    • Link to Narrative Section Template
    • Link to Documentation Appendix Template

CEPS Departments

  • Link to Chemical Engineering Criteria and Procedures (updated May 2010)
  • Link to Chemistry Procedures (updated February 2015)
  • Link to Civil and Environmental Engineering Procedures, Guidelines, and Expectations (updated July 2016)
  • Link to Computer Science Procedures and Criteria (updated November 2015)
  • Earth Sciences Department
    • Link to Tenured-Track Faculty Procedures and Criteria (updated November 2016)
    • Link to Joint Appointment Procedures (updated October 2015)
    • Link to Research Faculty Procedures and Criteria (updated October 2015)
  • Link to Electrical and Computer Engineering Procedures and Criteria (updated February 2010)
  • Link to Mathematics and Statistics Standards, Guidelines, and Criteria (updated AY16)
  • Link to Mechanical Engineering Review Process (updated November 2009)
  • Link to Physics Timeline, Package Preparation, Expectations, and Rules (updated August 2012)