Thomas Ballestero

Thomas Ballestero

Associate Professor

Research Group: Environmental Engineering


  • Ph.D.   Civil Engineering (Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering focus) Colorado State University 1981
  • MS in Civil Engineering (Geomorphology, Hydrology and Hydraulics focus) The Pennsylvania State University 1977
  • BS in Civil Engineering (Environmental Engineering focus) The Pennsylvania State University 1975

Research Interests

  • Stormwater Management
  • Stream Restoration
  • Groundwater Resources
  • Instream Flows

Honors and Awards

  • 2012  National Academy of Science – Urban Forestry
  • 2011  US EPA Scientific Advisory Board for Hydraulic Fracturing Review Panel
  • 2010  FEMA Scientific Resolution Panel on Flood Hazards
  • 1998  tbp Outstanding Teacher Award
  • 1995-1997 Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Davison Environmental Engineering Professorship
  • 1992  University of New Hampshire Public Service Award
  • 1992  Fulbright Scholar Award
  • 1991  University of New Hampshire Outstanding Teaching Award
  • 1991  Fulbright Scholar Award
  • 1988  tbp Outstanding Teacher Award
  • 1986  American Express Partners of the Americas Outstanding Service Award


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Classes Taught

Fluid Mechanics, Open Channel Flow, Engineering Hydrology, Design of Pressure Transmission Systems, Coastal Engineering, Stormwater Design, Stream Restoration, Design of Coastal Outfalls, Landfill Design, Vadose Zone Hydrology, Hydrologic Monitoring, River Mechanics, Advanced Groundwater Topics, Advanced Stream Restoration Topics

Professional Affiliations


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