Margaret S. Boettcher

Margaret S. Boettcher

Associate Professor


Ph.D. MIT/WHOI 2005, Geophysics

Research Interests

My research is focused on understanding the physics of earthquakes and the mechanics of fault slip. I utilize techniques from observational seismology, laboratory rock-mechanics experiments, and numerical modeling. Currently I am investigating earthquake and faulting processes on Mid-Ocean Ridge Transform Faults and in Deep Gold Mines in South Africa. These two, completely different tectonic environments, are both relatively simple in terms of composition and thermal structure, and are ideal environments for studying the earthquake source itself.

Related Links


  •     Freshman Field Seminar- ESCI 400
  •     Dynamic Earth (Physical Geology)- ESCI 401
  •     Geology and the Environment- ESCI 409
  •     Geodynamics-ESCI 731/831 (co-taught with Dr. Julia Bryce)
  •     Geophysics- ESCI 734/834
  •     Earthquakes and Faulting-ESCI 735/835 (writing intensive)
  •     Brown Bag Seminar- ESCI 993
  •     Earthquake Physics Seminar - ESCI 996, ESCI 7/896
  •     Proposal Developement-ESCI 998

Students & Postdocs

    Current Group Members

  • Monica Wolfson-Schwehr  (PhD 2015), now UNH a postdoctoral researcher
  • Pamela Moyer (PhD expected 2018)
  • Ryan Cassotto (PhD expected 2017)
  • Jiawei Jiang (MS Geology expected 2016)

    Former Group Members

  • Deborah Kane (PostDoc 2011-2013, now at Risk Management Solutions)
  • Evangelos Korkolis (MS Geology 2013, now pursuing a PhD at Utrecht University in the Netherlands)
  • Michele Forrestall (Undergraduate Research Award 2011/2012- Investigating aftershocks of oceanic intraplate earthquakes)
  • Cody Whelan (undergraduate Research Assistant 2012-2013)
Margaret Boettcher
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