Todd Gross

Todd Gross

Professor of Mechanical Engineering &
Materials Science


Ph.D., Materials Science, Northwestern University, 1981
B.S., Metallurgy and Materials Science, Carnegie-Mellon University, 1975

Prof. Gross's research interests are mechanical behavior of materials, behavior of material systems, scanning probe microscopy, nanoindentation, and sensors for machining. His current research is in mechanical behavior of composites.

Prof. Gross teaches ME 561 - Introduction to Materials Science, ME 646 - Experimental Measurements, ME 730/MS 830- Mechanical Behavior of Materials, ME 731/MS 831 - Fracture and Fatigue of Engineering Materials and ME 744/OE 844 - Corrosion. He also advises senior design projects.

Research Areas

  • Mechanical behavior of materials
  • Nanoscale deformation
  • Solid state atmospheric sensors
  • Scanning probe microscopy methods and nanoindentation methods
  • Wireless machining force sensors


  • "Detection of nanoscale etch and ash damage to nanoporous methyl silsesquioxane using electrostatic force microscopy", T.S. Gross, S. Yao, S. Satyanarayana, Microelectronics Engineering, vol. 58, p.401-407, (2008)
  • "Finite element modeling of diffusional creep with explicit consideration of enhanced vacancy diffusivity in a finite region adjacent to the grain interface", I. Tsukrov, V.M. Grychanyuk, T.S. Gross, Mechanics of Advanced Materials and Structures, (2007)
  • "Nanoscale observation of dielectric damage to low k MSQ interconnects from reactive ion etching and ash treatment", T.S Gross, S. Yao, S. Satyanarayana Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings, v 863, Materials, Technology and Reliability of Advanced Interconnects - 2005 Symposium, 2005, p 165-169 (2005)
  • Numerical modeling of grain boundary effects in the diffusional creep of Cu interconnect lines Grychanyuk V., Tsukrov I., Gross T.S.. International Journal of Fracture 127, L149-L154. (2004).
  • Detection of Plasma-induced, Nanoscale Dielectric Constant Variations in Carbon-doped CVD oxides by Electrostatic Force Microscopy, T. S. Gross, K.G. Soucy, E. Andideh, and K.A. Chamberlin, Journal of Physics D, Applied Physics, vol. 35, pp. 723-728, (2002)
  • SPM-generated out-of-plane deformation maps exhibiting heterogeneous nanoscale deformation resulting from thermal cycling of Cu-polyimide damascene interconnects T. S. Gross, N. Kamsah, and I. I. Tsukrov, Journal of Materials Research, vol. 16, pp. 3560-3566, (2001)
Portrait of Prof. Gross
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