Mohammad Jahedi

Mohammad Jahedi

Post-Doctoral Research Associate


Ph.D., Materials Science & Engineering, Shiraz University, 2015

M.S., Materials Science & Engineering, Shiraz University, 2009


Dr. Jahedi is a Post-Doctoral Research Associate within the Mechanical Engineering Department. He joined the department in spring semester 2016. Prior to completing his Ph.D., he has been in the department as a Research Scholar in 2013-2014 for his Ph.D. sabbatical. He worked at Shiraz University as a lecturer from 2010-2015 teaching Thermodynamics in Materials Science, Advanced Engineering Mathematics, and Simulation in Materials Science & Engineering.

Dr. Jahedi’s research is dedicated to investigations of microstructural evolution and mechanical property changes during deformation including processes of severe plastic deformation; assessment of microstructural alterations using different methods such as electron-backscattered diffraction (EBSD) and cross-linking them to the changes in the mechanical properties.

Research Areas:

  1. Plastic deformation, texture development and microstructure evolution of metals and composites.
  2. Crystal plasticity finite element simulations of deformation.
  3. Finite element analysis of forming processes e.g. plasticity of metallic materials, composites, metallic powders.
  4. Powder metallurgy routes for consolidation and sintering of metallic, ceramic, composites powders.
  5. Manufacturing processes of functionally graded materials (FGMs).


Peer reviewed papers



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2012 & earlier

  • M. Jahedi, B. Mani, S. Shakoorian, E. Pourkhorshid, M. H. Paydar, “Deformation rate effect on the microstructure and mechanical properties of Al-SiCp composites consolidated by hot extrusion” Materials Science and Engineering: A, Volume 556, 30 October 2012, Pages 23-30.
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