Theses and Dissertations

  IAM PhD Dissertation Titles 2013 to present


  Graduation Date


  Morena, Matthew,        201350

 Mutual Stabilization of Chaotic Systems Through Entangles   Cupolets

  McClain, John,               201470

 A Supercell Bloch Wave Method for Calculating Low-Energy   Electron Reflectivity with Applications to Free-Standing   Graphene and Molybdenum Disulfide

  Wen, Baole,                    201470

 Porous medium Convection at Large Rayleigh Number: Studies   of Coherent Structure, Transport, and Reduced Dynamics.

  Band, Evan,                    201650

 Spatially-Localized Solutions of Plane Couette Flow   

  Szeto, Mimi,                   201650

 A Dynamical-Systems Approach to Understanding Turbulence   in Plane Couette Flow.

  Storch, Laura,                201670

 Chaos in Ecology: An Examination of Nonlinear Population   Dynamics in Diffusive and Advective Dispersal Environments

  Kindrat, Laszlo,             201850

 Asymptotic and Spectral Analysis of the Bending-Torsion   Vibration Model with Nondissipative Boundary Conditions

  Montemuro, Brandon,      201950

 An Asymptotic Self-Sustaining Process Theory for Uniform   Momentum Zones and Internal Interfaces in Unbounded   Couette Flow

  Parker, John,                  202050

 Existence of Mutual Stabilization in Chaotic Neural Models

  Edwards, Madeline,     202050

 Mathematical Analysis of a Model of Blood Flow Through a      Channel with Flexible Walls

  IAM Master’s Thesis Titles 2010 to present

  Bozzuto, Lisa,                201070

 Mathematical Analysis of Blood Flow Model Through Channels   with Flexible Walls

  Schroth-Miller, Madeline,      201270

 A Statistical Analysis for Estimating Fish Number Density with   the use of a Multibeam Ecosounder

  Benson, Anhhong (Rose),    201710

 Comparative Spectral Analysis of Flexible Structure Models:   the Euler-Bernoulli Beam Model, the Rayleigh Beam Model and   the Timoshenko Beam Model

  Moger, Michael,              201810

 Classification of Arbitrary Motion into a Canonical Basis