Integrated Applied Mathematics Curriculum

The essence of modern applied mathematics is the interplay between mathematical analysis, numerical computation and scientific/engineering specialization. Thus, the IAM curriculum is designed to provide applied mathematics graduate students with advanced training in these three broad, inter-related topics: (1) Mathematical Methods, (2) Scientific Computing, and (3) a Scientific or Engineering Area of Specialization. In addition to completing 9 core courses (27 cr. hrs), IAM students will take a minimum of 3 technical electives (9 cr. hrs). The core curriculum is summarized in the table below; the electives must be selected from an approved list of IAM courses. Students also will be required to regularly participate in an IAM Seminar Series. Additional coursework, generally at the 800 level, may be required in order to help prepare students for the program. More specific student program examples can be viewed here.

 Core Courses

 Mathematical methods  Scientific Computing  Specialization Area
 Mathematical Methods 
 PHYS 931
 High-Performance Computing 
 IAM 951
 Select one 2-course 
 sequence in A,B,or C
 Graduate ODEs 
 IAM 830
 Numerical Linear Algebra 
 IAM 961
 A. Nonlinear Dynamics
 Graduate PDEs 
 IAM 932
 Numerical ODEs & PDEs 
 IAM 962
 B. Fluid Dynamics
 Applied Functional Analysis 
 IAM 933
   C. Plasma Physics


Focus Areas

The scientific focus areas proposed below satisfy the following two criteria: (1) each involves the application of sophisticated analytical and computational methods; (2) each is adequately staffed by UNH IAM faculty, so that core courses and technical electives may be regularly offered in these areas. IAM faculty may propose similar sequences in other areas when the above two criteria can be met.

 Specialization Areas

 A. Nonlinear Dynamics  B. Fluid Dynamics  C. Plasma Physics
 Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos 
 MATH 847
 Foundation of Fluid Dynamics 
 ME 807
 PHYS 953
 Spatiotemporal Dynamics 
 IAM 950
 Incompressible Flow 
 ME 909
 Plasma Physics 
 PHYS 951


Three Part Ph.D. Qualifying Exam

 Comprehensive Exam in Mathematical Methods  Comprehensive Exam in Numerical Analysis and HPC  Oral or Written Exam in Specialization Area
 Seminar Presentation of Thesis Proposal to Dissertation Committee


Approved Technical Elective Courses

 IAM 940  Asymptotic and Perturbation Methods
 ME 812  Waves in Fluids
 ME 911  Theory of Hydrodynamic Stability
 *Other  Available with approval