Judd Gregg Marine Research Complex

Facility Type: 
Research Center

The Judd Gregg Marine Science Complex supports research relating to marine life in the Gulf of Maine in areas ranging from ocean acidification to population biology.  Its modern lab space features both flow-through and recirculating seawater in experimental enclosures ranging from 20 to 2,000 gallons per tank.  These projects help New England’s resource managers make sound decisions.

A variety of projects are being carried out at this facility:

  • Aquaculture of codfish, halibut, haddock and winter flounder
  • Physiological ecology and population biology of lobsters
  • Feeding behavior, growth, and roe quality of green sea urchins
  • Sea star reproductive biology

Additional studies on anemones, dog whelks, nudibranchs, and other invertebrates. 

The Judd Gregg Marine Science Complex is located 15 miles from the Durham campus at the mouth of Portsmouth Harbor in New Castle, N.H.  The Complex includes the Coastal Marine Laboratory (CML), the UNH Marine Research Pier and the Pier Support Facility.  The GMSC gives faculty and students access to the open waters of the Gulf of Maine and to laboratories with full-strength sea water capabilities.  UNH faculty travel to the facility, which has a resident support staff, including boat captains and crew.  Graduate and undergraduate students from UNH use the GMSC to pursue thesis work and participate in faculty research.

The Marine Research Pier is a 325-foot research pier provides essential berth space for the UNH fleet, including the R/V Gulf Challenger, R/V Coastal Surveyor, R/V Cocheco, and a number of smaller research vessels on a floating dock system.  The NOAA ship Ferdinand R. Hassler, a hydrographic research vessel, and was home ported at CML in Spring 2013.  This facility also provides access to experimental enclosures under the fixed pier. 

The Pier Support Facility comprises offices, specialized fabrication and repair areas, storage space, and equipment for pier and lab activities.  The facility contains space for the UNH diving program, including an air compressor room, SCUBA fill station, lockers and showers for UNH research and student divers.

aerial of research facility
Portsmouth Harbor
Newcastle, NH 03854