Master of Science in Statistics

Statistics Option
This program requires 30 credit hours, consisting of at least ten semester courses approved by the department, which includes completion of a project (MATH 898) consisting of a substantial application of statistical methodology to a real problem. Most of the courses will be taken from the department's statistics courses in the range MATH 837-979 and must include all of MATH 839, 840, 855, and 856, unless some of these or equivalent courses were taken prior to enrollment in the program. At most, three of the required ten courses may also be taken from the department's approved nonstatistics courses (in the range MATH 837-979) and/or approved courses offered in other departments. MATH 898, the Master's Project, is conducted under the supervision of a faculty adviser and concludes with a written report and a public oral presentation. MATH 898 may be taken for 3 to 6 credits, depending on the level of substantial research and methodological development required for project completion; the appropriate number of credits is determined by the statistics faculty. A master's committee of at least two statistics faculty members oversees the student's progress and determines credit for the project. There is no comprehensive examination in this option.

For more information and requirements, please see the Graduate Handbook.