Masters of Science in Applied Mathematics

This Masters of Science in Applied Mathematics program requires 30 credit hours, consisting of the courses MATH 931, IAM 933, an approved two-course sequence in applied mathematics (such as MATH 967/977).  In addition to these courses, the student chooses either a thesis or project option. 

The thesis option consists of 6 credits of Master's Thesis (MATH 899) and four elective courses. The project option consists of 3 credits of Master's Project (MATH 898) and five elective courses. 

The elective courses need not be in mathematics, but must be at the 800 level or higher, and at least one must be a technical course in statistics or some other department. The broad elective flexibility allows the student's application interests to have a substantial role in the content of the program. 
The student's full program plan must be proposed in writing to the applied mathematics faculty and approved prior to the student's second semester of study. 
There is no comprehensive examination in this option.

For more information and requirements, please see the Graduate  Handbook