Undergraduate Programs

The Department of Mathematics & Statistics offers a variety of degree programs to suit the career aspirations and educational interests of students that pertain to the mathematical sciences. The major programs fall broadly into four categories, listed below,

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics and Bachelor of Science in Mathematics degree programs are intended for students interested in continuing to graduate school or for those who wish to gain a deep understanding of mathematics before continuing on to industry.

The Bachelor of Science in Mathematics Education degree programs are intended for students who want to teach mathematics at pre-college level. Majors can choose from either elementary school, middle/junior high school or secondary school. Occasionally, a student maychose and complete two options. All programs lead to certification to teach in New Hampshire. 

The Bachelor of Science degree programs in Applied Mathematics allows a student to gain an understanding of mathematics in its applications, preparatory to work in industry. Majors must choose between Computation, Dynamics and Control, Economics, Fluid Dynamics or Solid Mechanics and Vibrations.

The Bachelor of Science in Statistics degree program is intended for students interested in continuing to graduate study or for employment in an organization or research laboratory in which statistical analysis and its application is required.

In addition, for students not majoring in mathematics, there are several Minor Programs in Mathematics available that closely mirror our available list of majors.

Qualified students who are interested in gaining an enriched academic experience in mathematics or statistics can pursue an Honors-in-Major opportunity.

If you are interested in becoming a math major, please visit or call the department office (603-862-2320).