Graduate Research Projects

“Fully developed wind farm condition”

Graduate students Kyle Charmanski (left) and John Turner (right) (advisor: Martin Wosnik) preparing for measurements in a 20x5 model offshore wind turbine array in the UNH Flow Physics Facility (test section dimensions 6.0m x 2.7m x 72m). Their study of a “fully developed wind farm condition” investigates turbulent transport processes, i.e., how kinetic energy is transported from the atmospheric boundary layer into the wind turbine array, and the effects of streamwise and lateral turbine spacing on bulk power output in large wind farms.

NSF special report video

A collaborative NSF funded research project, that Profs. Klewicki and White are co Pi’s on, has been featured in an NSF special report video. The project aims to study and quantify shape effects on the transport of volcanic ash. The large-wind tunnel is used in the project and featured in the video (see link below). The following graduate students are featured in this link: Mike Allard, Pat Vincenti, and Nicholas DeMarchi.
NSF Special Report video