Graduate Student's Research Area

Madhav Baral


  • Plasticity and Ductile Fracture of Casting, Extrusions, and Sheets of Aluminum Alloys
  • Advisor: Associate Professor Yannis Korkolis   
Drummond Biles


  • Thermal-Fluid Dynamics
  • Advisor: Associate Professor Christopher White

Samuel Cole


  • Wind Energy
  • Advisors: Associate Professor Martin Wosnik and Professor Barry Fussell

Juan Carlos Cuevas Bautista


  • Turbulent Flows, Boundary Layers Dynamics, Numerical Modeling
  • Advisor: Professor Joseph Klewicki 
Nengxiu Deng


  • Characterization of mechanical properties (mainly sheet metals)
  • Advisor: Associate Professor Yannis Korkolis
Jonathan DeWolf


  • Boundary Layers
  • Advisor: Associate Professor Chris White
Christopher Dunn


  • Solid Mechanics and Plasticity
  • Advisor: Associate Professor Yannis Korkolis

Adnan Eghtesad


  • Computational Mechanics; Crystal Plasticity
  • Advisor: Assistant Professor Marko Knezevic

Jesse Faller


  • Systems, Control, Applied Mathematics and Statistics
  • Advisor: Assistant Professor Marko Knezevic

Ian Gagnon


  • Design and deploy a floating platform that will support a tidal turbine at the Memorial Bridge in Portsmouth, NH     
  • Advisor: Associate Professor Martin Wosnik

Saeede Ghorbanpour 


  • Computational Mechanics
  • Advisor: Assistant Professor  Marko Knezevic


Kateryna Miroshnichenko


  • Mechanical modeling of growth of cranial sutures
  • Advisors: Assistant Professor Yaning Li and Professor Igor Tsukrov

Ben Mitchell


  • Solid and Fluid Dynamics
  • Advisor: Professor Brad Kinsey

John Turner


  • Wind Energy, Atmospheric Boundary Layers, Wakes
  • Advisor: Associate Professor Martin Wosnik
Shunyi Zhang


  • Electromagnetic Forming
  • Advisor: Professor Brad Kinsey