Mechanical Engineering Minor

The Mechanical Engineering Minor is administered by the Mechanical Engineering Department and is open to all students of the University and offers a broad introduction to mechanical engineering.

Minor Forms

Students interested in pursing a minor in mechanical engineering should refer to the undergraduate course catalog and meet with the mechanical engineering minor supervisor to comple the inent to minor form.

During the final semester of the student's senior year, student's must complete a completion of minor form in order for the minor to appear on their transcripts.

M.E. Students

The M.E. Curriculum makes it relatively easy to minor in another discipline. Courses used to fulfill a minor may be substituted for two of the five required technical electives with departmental approval. However, if the minor is not completed then appropriate technical electives must be taken, even if the substitute courses have already been taken.

Mechanical engineering student interested in pursuing a minor in another discipline should refer to the UNH undergraduate catalog for minor requirements.

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