Systems Engineering Ph.D.

Director, Professor May-Win Thein

The systems design doctoral degree is an interdepartmental program that addresses contemporary engineering and scientific problems that can be solved only through the cooperation of a variety of disciplines. Students in systems design can elect one of two professional directions. The first develops professionals with the technical expertise of a Ph.D. and with the ability to work with and direct groups of people working on large-scale technical projects. The second direction develops engineers with capabilities in the theory and analysis of large-scale complex systems. Concentration in an area of specific individual interest is combined with participation in a larger interdisciplinary project.

Admission Requirements

Qualified students with bachelor's or master's degrees in engineering, mathematics, or the physical sciences are eligible for admission to the program. To be admitted, students must present evidence that they have sufficient background in the area of which they propose to specialize. They must also find a CEPS faculty member to serve as their adviser.